Running a farm requires a robust fuel to efficiently power equipment. Let propane provide the strength needed for tractors and heavy farm machinery.

Benefits of Propane Powered Farm Equipment

Cheaper Fuel Costs

Propane costs nearly 50% less than diesel and 40% less than gasoline.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Propane-powered light-duty pickups give producers a transportation choice with improved efficiency and lower costs, plus reduced maintenance needs. For instance, propane autogas in the ROUSH CleanTech Ford F-350 costs 30-40% less than gasoline.

Better for the Environment

Light-duty propane autogas pickups produce 20% less nitrogen oxide, 60% less carbon monoxide, and 24% fewer greenhouse gas emissions versus gasoline-powered models.

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propane equipment faq

Where can I buy propane equipment?
Use Propane Clean American Energy’s ZIP code search to find dealers near you.
What farm equipment runs on propane?

From grain dryers to irrigation engines to flame weed control and more, propane powers the latest farm technology advancements that help farmers feed the world.

Can you store propane longer than gasoline?

Unlike gasoline and diesel, propane does not degrade over time and can be stored for years.

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