Propane flame weeders harness intense heat to clear weeds rapidly and easily, without using traditional herbicides that may contain harmful chemicals.

Why Farmers Choose Propane for weeding


Flame weed control does not harm soil microbes, require tillage, or cause moisture loss.

Versatile & Flexible

Propane flame weeding can be done at various growth stages and in diverse weather conditions, from wet soil to high winds. With no chemical residue like traditional herbicides, producers can return to the field right after treatment.


Flame weed control with cost-effective propane uses just 4-10 gallons per acre per treatment, making it a financially competitive alternative to chemical herbicides.

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propane weeding faq

How many treatments are needed using propane?

Most producers doing this typically apply two treatments per year.

Is flame weeding with propane effective?

Flame weeding more than doubles the weed control from cultivation alone.

Is flame weeding environmentally friendly?

Yes, this eco-conscious practice can replace traditional herbicide use and be just as effective per the Organic Farming Research Foundation.

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