Propane is an efficient, clean-burning fuel that can sanitize and heat plants, poultry, livestock, and agricultural facilities cost-effectively. Over half of America’s agricultural producers use propane for efficient, budget-friendly heating – consider joining them today!

Benefits of Propane Heating & Sanitation


Standard propane water heaters typically cost about half as much to operate as electric ones, resulting in major savings.

A Common Choice for Producers

Per the Propane Education & Research Council, over 62% of agricultural producers use propane to heat livestock confinement structures.

Higher Efficiency

Powered by propane, variable rate technology enables more steady and fuel-efficient heating that allows farmers to lower production costs through improved temperature regulation.


Propane tankless water heaters generate 37% lower greenhouse gas emissions than electric ones.

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Benefits of Propane-powered Operations

Livestock Facility Heating & Sanitation

Propane heats animal containment areas in winter, sanitizes dairy parlors, and provides warm baths for horses. Here’s why it’s an efficient, sustainable heating option for producers:

  • Standard propane water heaters typically cost half as much to run as electric ones, saving significantly.
  • Propane incinerators offer a simpler, cleaner, cheaper way to dispose of animal waste versus composting.
  • In poultry operations, propane brooders provide even, efficient heat over larger areas. Propane heaters also remain reliable during outages.
  • Propane tankless water heaters produce 37% fewer greenhouse gases than electric.
  • Propane-fueled anaerobic digesters convert animal/plant waste into renewable energy to power ~80 homes, reducing landfill waste and emissions.
Poultry House Heating

For years, poultry producers have used trusted propane to heat buildings. But propane also powers sanitizers for cleaning. To heat and clean with one fuel, choose propane.

More reasons propane is smart for poultry operations:

  • Propane brooders efficiently provide even heat over larger areas, keeping chicks healthy.
  • Propane heaters stay on during outages.
  • Propane sanitizers kill pathogens and reduce ammonia, controlling disease.
  • Propane infrared brooders cut fuel costs 15-25% versus furnaces, saving significantly.
  • Propane sanitizers offer an effective, residue-free alternative to chemical disinfectants.

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