LP PRopane

DiGital Tank Monitoring

Benefit from Digital Tank Monitoring with precise tank propane measurement. We monitor levels and schedule deliveries for your home or business.

Is auto fill with tank monitoring right for you?

Discover the adaptability of our Auto Fill with Digital Tank Monitoring service, perfect for primary residences, seasonal homes, farms, commercial sites, and more. If you seek a contemporary solution for propane tank monitoring, this service is tailored for you! Get in touch today to enroll or gather more information. Kindly note, this service is exclusively available to current LP Propane customers with cell coverage.

Auto Fill with digital tank monitoring

Enjoy all the benefits of our Auto Fill program while measuring the exact amount of propane in your tank. We monitor the amount of propane in your tank and automatically schedule a delivery to keep your primary home, vacation home, or business running efficiently.

How Does our Digital Tank Monitoring System Work?


Installed by a trained LP Propane professional, your tank monitor is designed for years of reliable operation.


View your propane tank level in real-time from your LP Propane account.

Use the app

Also use your LP Propane account to place or track an order, pay a bill, and chat with a Customer Service Professional.

Tank Monitoring faqs

Our system works for both aboveground and underground propane tanks. Call or chat with us today to learn more about tank monitors for your propane system.

Our Digital Tank Monitoring system is an optional addition to the LP Propane Auto Fill program. It’s a great add-on for a customer who wants Auto Fill service and requires a way to accurately predict propane usage.